The Trick to Losing Weight? Focus on Your Food More!

Khryss | Published 2017-05-28 03:34
Move aside, exercise and restrictive diet! Who would've thought that all we need is just a little more thinking when it comes to losing weight? And no, I'm not even talking about counting your calories! Dr. Carolyn Dunn, the head of the Department of Youth, Family, and Community Sciences at North Carolina State University, claims that when wanting to lose weight, merely mindfully eating could be of help. That is, you can have all the burger and fries that you want given that you sit quietly and focus on it as you devour such greasy and fatty food. "We instruct people to eat the foods that they love, and not give them up, but to eat them in a mindful way," Dunn said, during a recent presentation at the European Congress on Obesity. Why? Well, Dunn says that when practiced, one is often satisfied after just one or two bites as those provide the most pleasure. "Eating more will certainly give you more calories but not more enjoyment," Dunn says. The idea of mindful eating (or its counterpart mindless eating) isn't actually new. For instance, a 2007 study has already showed that the average person could underestimate or overlook more than 200 food-related decisions every day (i.e. eating beyond the point of being full). It even has a connection to Buddhist teachings. "In one common [Buddhist] exercise, a student is given three raisins, or a tangerine, to spend 10 or 20 minutes gazing at, musing on, holding and patiently masticating," the New York Times wrote in 2012. [embed][/embed] "Mindful eating is becoming more important," Harvard nutritionist and author Dr. Lilian Chung said at the time. "We need to be coming back to ourselves and saying: 'Does my body need this? Why am I eating this? Is it just because I'm so sad and stressed out?" Well, what do you think? Should we start turning off our TV now and spending about 20 minutes thinking about nothing but our food?
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