The "Millenial Duck Syndrome" that Hurts Everyone

Khryss | Published 2017-05-21 21:11
You can't go through Facebook and Instagram without seeing at least one friend laughing and having a good time with his/her colleagues or friends. We see very often people happily eating out with their partner, hanging out in bars or even having the vacation of a lifetime. Then this existential crisis slowly starts to creep in- you start feeling inadequate and incompetent. But if you look closely, most of them if not all are actually faking it. These people are also stressed at their jobs, have failed to reach their own expectations and is still facing the fact that success takes time. They just don't look like it on their status updates or latest uploaded pictures. The phrase "fake it 'til you make it" has probably been a motto of each person for at least a stage in their life. But this adage is specially commonly used by the "millennials". This phenomenon called the "Stanford Duck Syndrome," as one Standford blogger explains, "[is] where everyone on campus appears to be gliding effortlessly across this Lake College. But below the surface, our little duck feet are paddling furiously, working our feathered little tails off." "Appearing to work hard isn’t cool because REAL geniuses come by it effortlessly," he added. And so they should smile a lot and look like they're always having fun. "Frustration, anxiety, self-doubt, effort, and failure don’t have a place in the Stanford experience; and that if we begin revealing how vulnerable and insecure and imperfect we are, our friends will turn out to be so self-absorbed they won’t actually care." Social media isn't foolproof. Seeing somebody "happy and/healthy" in their posts leads people into thinking that everyone else has it together except them. (But. they. don't.) It becomes a sad cycle. But human as we are, difficulties will always come by. So go ahead and furiously paddle. Voice your struggles and hardships if you must. Remember that the advice "stop working so hard" is bull. Paddling is how ducks move, and if they don't paddle hard enough, they would be stagnant and won't reach their destination. They'll remain floating out of nowhere.
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