A Spherical Twist on Your Old-School Chess Board!

Khryss | Published 2017-05-20 19:32
Avid chess players, step-up your game and try this magnetic globe-shaped board now! Ben Myers, a design student, is the genius behind this new alteration on the game. Together with his father, they've artfully crafted a unique board from scratch. Starting with the sphere itself, he measured out the woods and cut it to exact dimensions. Ben reported that this particular process actually turned out to be the most difficult part. “It took a lot of math to out each angle of each piece to all fit together,” he said He then embedded magnets inside each square before gluing them together to allow the players to easily move their pieces all over the globe, even upside down. With continuous hardwork, they were able to have the beautiful final product after five weeks! Just look at the exceptional attention to detail: [embed]https://youtu.be/fSWLSskBLWo[/embed] "This is a chess board that I made with my father. It is made out of Walnut, Soft Maple and Jatoba wood. It took several weeks to create and is 100% playable! Each ‘square’ has a magnet embedded in it, as does each chess piece for easy movement of the pieces. Quite an interesting spin on the game. Really does change the strategy." Myers told Make Magazine about how he was also surprised at the level of change this board brought to the game. “While making it, I was thinking that the rooks would be more powerful because a spherical board lacked vertical edges. I was proven wrong very quickly. Without the side edges of the board, the bishops became very deadly. They have the capability to spiral around the board both directions, which can be difficult to see.” A kinda inconvenient but very challenging twist on the old-school chess, eh? Who's up for a face-off?   https://laughingsquid.com/wooden-globe-chessboard/ http://makezine.com/2017/04/13/playing-chess-on-a-globe/
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