This Hospital in Japan Has An Incredibly Unique Surgeon Tryouts

Khryss | Published 2017-05-20 00:21
And it doesn't involve slicing up a real human body. Kurashiki Central Hospital, a large hospital located in western Japan, has found a way to creatively recruit tryouts for surgical students. The challenge? Well, nothing much, just some origami, sushi and insects! (Wait, what?) Together with TBWA/Hakuhodo Japan, this unique recruitment process aims to test the students' precision, perseverance and creativity. It requires a quick and steady hand similar to what a surgeon is expected to have when saving a life under pressure. This included three missions. First, they should be able to fold a 5mm origami crane out of mini pieces of paper, second is reassembling an insect with complex parts and lastly, they should be able to create miniature sushi from single grain of rice. Add these up with being time pressured, the challenges just seemed to be  nearly impossible. Watch the video below and see for yourself: [embed][/embed] "All doctors are book smart but they don't cut as open with books," a narrator says as the ad starts. Indeed, we need knowledgeable doctor but we need them to have keen eyesight, nerves of steel, and lots of perseverance as well. The pressure and stress they'll soon encounter is going to really push them to their limits and this new way could be helpful in training them for those scenarios. A messy result now could equate to a future lasting nerve damage to a patient. “In daily clinical practice, physicians constantly confront difficult challenges. We would like to evaluate the capability of medical students to stay calm and make correct judgments even under these circumstances. We planned this tryout to reveal the potential and uniqueness of the students, which ordinary written exams and interviews could not show,” director of the Human Resource Development Center at Kurashiki Central Hospital, Dr. Toshio Fukuoka, said.
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