"Virtual Waifu": Gatebox Offers You This Holographic Anime Partner

Khryss | Published 2017-05-13 01:58
Now this is an Otaku's dream come true! If you are as obsessed with anime (as in craving actual intimacy) as the booming subculture of young Japanese men, you'll definitely want to grab one of these (given that you have enough will power to save money)!  Japanese company Vinclu has brought your fantasies into real life (sort of) by creating a dedicated virtual companion- Gatebox! Similar to Amazon's Echo, Gatebox is a voice-powered virtual assistant but with a little twist. It has this added feature of an anime character projected inside of a glass tube named Azuma Hikari. Such beautiful holographic female assistant aims to be a companion to single men living alone in Japan. Together, you can start the day right as she greets you good morning. And just like a normal girl, she can send you cute text messages throughout the day. She can even warn you about the weather and turn your lights on when you come home!  Never be alone again and experience your day together with her. Also, if you're wondering, she can only do so much strictly in PG, you pervs. When confronted about the heavy price tag (300,000 yen or 2,700 dollars!) of his technology, 29 year old founder and CEO of Vinclu, Minori Takeshi answered Vice: "I only want to give our product to someone who truly wants it. When people marry, they'll spend any amount of money on their partner if you love them. I think it's the same feeling". [embed]https://youtu.be/nkcKaNqfykg[/embed] https://www.vice.com/en_id/article/this-holographic-anime-character-could-be-your-next-girlfriend    
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