IT on the Go: Here's a Vending Machine that Dispenses Computer Parts in Intel’s R&D Center

Khryss | Published 2017-05-10 19:26
Vending machines are absolutely amazing and there are all sorts of these out there in the world. For instance, in Japan, you can put just about anything on it. From usual items like soda cans, snacks, cigarettes and eggs, to those silly ones like fresh grilled hotdogs, barbie dolls, Lego sets, IKEA spare parts, stamps, live baits, weed, to those really really ridiculous ones like caviar, dildos, gold, and get this, cars! (I am not joking, look at the video below.) [embed][/embed] This particular vending machine, however, is above all geeky and endearing. Located in Intel's research and development center in Folsom California, this one dispenses computer parts and supplies like mouse, keyboards, batteries, flash drives, laptop AC adaptors and cable locks without needing workers to request them from their IT department and painfully wait for it to arrive. The machine has a touch screen, powered by on Intel’s Core i5 vPro processor and uses Intel’s AIM or Audience Impression Metric suite which captures data including a person's gender using anonymous sensors and computer algorithms and keeps track of product inventory. Workers and employees can "buy" the parts by scanning their work ID, on which the cost is then automatically charged to their department. The technology might not be new, but it's an awesome sight anyway. Also, it's pretty nice seeing tech companies constantly evolve and improve specifically in its workflow efficiency in the office. Who knows, maybe someday we'll soon see the "rise" of vending machines and have it meet all of our daily needs...on second thought, I hope not. I wouldn't want to buy my truffle oil in a vending machine just to get that stuck inside it. That would definitely trigger some public disturbance.
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