Is it about Time to Normalize Insects in Our Daily Diet?

Admin | Published 2017-05-05 06:45

I'm in the remote places of the Sahara and I'm about to drink my own piss. My name is Bear Grylls, and this is Man vs Wild. Alright this isn't an advertisement of the show. It's just that this guy does a lot of odd things for "survival". There's even a scene where he ate larvae and explained that although  not palatable, pound-for-pound these insects contain more protein than beef or fish. Disgusting really, but he does have a point. And that leads us to this new study about the helpful but bizarre possible result of swapping your beef jerky with crunchy insects. Researchers at Edinburgh and Scotland’s Rural College considered a situation wherein half of the animal products is replaced by insects, imitation meat, or lab-grown meat. They found that while imitation meat and insects are very sustainable for they require the least land and energy to make, lab-grown meat is no more sustainable than chicken or eggs. Moreover, increasing the production of these insects and imitation meat would free up 1.68 billion hectares of land or about a third of our farmland. That's 70 times the size of UK! This consequently effectively reduces emissions of greenhouse gasses (i.e.cow farts). Talk about a big help in solving our climate change problem! "A mix of small changes in consumer behaviour, such as replacing beef with chicken, reducing food waste and potentially introducing insects more commonly into diets, would help achieve land savings and a more sustainable food system," Dr. Peter Alexander, one of the researchers at the University of Edinburgh’s School of GeoSciences and Scotland’s Rural College, said. Just thinking about eating insects is enough to tickle my gag reflex but hey, it's part of the food chain, right? Riiighht?! Also, eating these could prepare us from some apocalyptic event, so...  

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