Crew of Maiken Boat Witnessed the Birth of a New Island and it was Beautiful!

Khryss | Published 2017-05-03 20:12
You might have seen different rehash of this story that has over-sensationalized the topic and left you thinking if it's true or not. But let me settle this once and for all: it is very true. It all happened on August 2006, when the crew of the yacht ‘Maiken’ was sailing through the South Pacific and came across a strange sight... It was brown, grainy streaks that appeared to be sand floating on top of the waves. And while it looks like a beach in the middle of the ocean... Eventually, the crew realized as they got closer that it is something else- it was volcanic stones floating on the water! But why is that? The crew was so fascinated to even question and sailed through this surreal field. Look at that trail! It was only when they realized this could damage their boat, most especially its motor (which, in turn, could leave them stranded in the sea of stone), that they've decided to immediately run off. And then at a safe distance, they heard a faint roar coupled with this site... The water bubbles as the steam rises from the ocean! Then a massive plume of black ash filled the sky. Slowly, the smoke cleared and you guessed that right... It was land! The crew saw the actual birth of a new island! Wow! (Note: Sadly, such island didn't last very long and were washed away just before it was named. Nonetheless, seeing this kind of event, not to mention capture it, is a once in a lifetime experience!) Also, here's the blog entry of a Maiken crewmember, Håkan Larsson, reporting the event himself!
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