Google Earth Had its Biggest Update Yet and It's a Great News for Travelers!

Khryss | Published 2017-04-24 19:50

Gone are the days when you have to randomly click on areas of our planet (in Google Earth), gambling with the "destiny" to find a gem. Gone are the days when we feel so helpless in finding a good destination to travel to.

If you've ever wanted to go on a bar hopping in Amsterdam to explore its edginess or taste every exquisite foods in Japan, Google Earth has you covered. The virtual globe's massive update has this feature called "Voyager."

And as the name implies, this is the answer to each and everyone's wanderlust. No need to be limited to exploring only those well-known places you've just heard about. "Voyager" is here to show you dozens of curated journeys around the globe!

Each voyage has its own theme.

Want to explore a city's heritage? Go to its Museums! Just look for "Museums Around the World" and Google Earth will take you to a Street View of 28 museums in every corner of the globe! Want to bathe your eyes with natural formations? "Earth View" will show you "the most striking and enigmatic landscapes available in Google Earth." 

It doesn't end there. The location also comes with a blurb that would tell you more about the landmark. Some even have 360° video content or embedded YouTube videos. And if you're planning a trip, it can help you with itineraries, showcasing all the best spots to visit in your dream cities like London, France, and Tokyo.

But if you're feeling extra spontaneous, its "I'm Feeling Lucky" feature will take you to a random location or landmark on the globe. That also goes with a description! Also note that as long as you have Google Chrome installed, you can now access Google Earth. No need to download that app anymore. Now that's indeed a very efficient update! Looking forward to more soon!

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