Chatbots Have Just Got "Higher": Meet ABBI, Your Weed-savvy AI

Khryss | Published 2017-04-22 19:02
Chatbots are simply those AIs that respond to you in real time as if you're normally, well, chatting. They can answer certain questions, leave witty remarks, and can sometimes be helpful (sounds like a good friend). I guess we all know what day it was three days ago. And with that, I want you to meet ABBI- an AI programmed to answer all your legal weed-related questions. And it's just sitting around Messenger if you need to talk! Built on OctaneAI's Convos editor, it's as if Cleverbot and Leafly had a baby. Weedhorn, a course hosting and soon-o-be -news site, is responsible for this amazing program. The company's founder Rick Bakas choose ABBI as its name for it "to be human, but not stuffy." He also said, "GIFs and emojis are part of how people choose to communicate with one another, which is why Buzzfeed became popular in the first place, and ABBI talks in the same way." Though ABBI is relatively new, its "responses will get more granular over time. Users will be able to quickly get information on what strains may be helpful for their symptoms, what dose they should use, how often, and so on. Right now, you get more of an overview," he added. Its knowledge on cannabis, medical and legal, comes from TheCannaMDs which is a family of licensed physicians. All known as Dr. Knox, their years of knowledge and expertise on medical cannabis, and the workings of the legal weed industry enabled the bot to help you know more about conditions, strains, and symptoms involved in weed treatments. ABBI can even direct the patients to the doctors for consultation, and in the future, refer patients to authorizing doctors and cannabis dispensaries near their area. Dr. Rachel Knox, one of the doctors from TheCannaMDs, said that "The demand for information on cannabis far outpaces the supply, with 'cannabis deserts' lacking doctors or dispensaries throughout the country, and cannabis-related content, like any other medical content, must be subjected to a high level of medical scrutiny. ABBI being a free resource is major, as is learning from people who are themselves actively learning about cannabis." Education really is the key and this one's free!
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