Meet the Bones of Maobosaurus- A Newly Discovered Gigantic Dinosaur!

Khryss | Published 2017-04-18 05:01
What a time! A newly discovered fossil belonged to a gigantic but ironically small-brained sauropod. This 9.8-meter-long (32 feet) dinosaur is classified as a titanosauriform but is very distinct enough for it to belong not just to a new species, but an entirely new genus! These dinosaurs were said to wander through an Early Cretaceous rendering of North America around 125 million years ago and once upon a time, although massive, was a pleasant and peaceful herbivore. But with its size, only few predators would have been able to feast on them. Discovered in Moab, Utah, the research team at Brigham Young University (BYU) were able to haul from the ground these fossils in amazingly flawless condition. With that, as expected, they named it Moabosaurus utahensis, after the site it was found. Thing is, Utah wasn't arid back then when the gigantic dinosaur was alive. It was the drought that turned this forest full of lakes into a dull desert. And those dinosaurs that have survived could've stepped on the corpses of their kind consequently crushing it. So, only 3% of the bones in Utah were actually complete. But the continuous effort of the determined research team, nothing was impossible. They able to successfully create the impressive display in BYU’s Museum of Paleontology in Provo, Utah. See for yourself! “We’ve been really excited for this new dinosaur,” BYU geology professor and lead author Brooks Britt said in an accompanying video. “It’s one we’ve been working on for decades – we had to collect huge numbers of bones, and to get enough that were complete, to describe the new animal.” [embed][/embed] Well, we now have another kind to add to our collection. What's next?
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