Saving the World with this Drinkable Water Bubble

Khryss | Published 2017-04-17 20:01
No more plastic bottles! Here's a fun way of drinking your water without harming mother nature: Ooho! (yes, that's what it's called). Designed by Skipping Rocks Lab of London, this eco-friendly water "bottle" could be an antidote to the poison of today's wasteful world of plastic. [embed][/embed] This startup has been up and running since 2014. The company has in fact already raised 605k in just two days of crowdfunding on Crowdcube! (Guess we truly care about our environment after all.) But they still need a little bit more of help. They said their funds would be divided, with the first half to be used in developing their machinery and the other half to pay for research and development into making the material. Its undeniable environmental impact has even made its way into earning the support of the Climate-KIC accelerator and winning both the Wired Retail 2016 Start-up of the Year and Lexus Design Awards. [embed][/embed] With the membrane made out of a chemical from seaweed, this doesn't just cut out the harmful waste on our terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, this also cuts down the cost of production. Ooho! is actually cheaper, faster, and better compared to today's way. While it has only been available in London through small pop-ups (see what I did there?) over the last six months, the company is expected to soon distribute at large events like marathons and concerts as soon as 2018. Talk about a new way of refreshment. (Can't wait for it!) [embed][/embed] Edible, drinkable, compostable bubble; how does that sound? If you're for it, support the water bottle of the future now! Just click here.
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