Feeling Bored? Try Making a Wind-Powered Phone Charger from Spare Junks

Khryss | Published 2017-04-11 06:57
Ever had that moment when you just can’t seem to stop procrastinating? Well, be idle no more for here is Thomas Kim to help you do something during your “spare” time. What’s the niche? Well, you can build something “useful” through a bunch of spare junk lying around. Take for example this phone charger! [embed]https://youtu.be/GTBK8iPvMbI[/embed] It’s pretty easy: just get the disassembled bits of a hair dryer, a cigarette-lighter socket yanked out of a car (and a USB charger for it), and just a few other hardware “stuffs”.  Now here’s the difficult part- making it work. You have to hang it out of the window of a moving car or there’s option b: running around and holding it out like a selfie stick. The result? An astounding 1% of juice every 10 minutes! Wow! Want another good news? Use a bigger fan and have a faster charger! (I guess about another 1% as you double the size up?) Now that’s astounding wind-harnessing power! So, if you’re interested, he also had previous experiments like a butane gas candle and a homemade fireworks timer. See? This guy’s a genius! Say all you want but I salute him for making semi-useful shit out of scraps! That’s talent! "Most experiments are easy to try with household items," Kim writes on his channel description. "But some experiments are very dangerous."  Don’t you worry this one’s pretty safe as long as you’re not Jennifer Lawrence (oops). The biggest danger would only be losing the whole thing out the window. Not pretty huge, right? https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/phone-charger-powered-by-wind-video
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