Mystery Solved: Experts Found How Your Dogs Seem To ALWAYS Find Their Treats!

Khryss | Published 2017-04-09 20:37
If you've actually wondered why your dogs seem to always know where you've hidden their treats, you're not alone. But don't you worry, Austrian researchers are here to give you an answer! While it may be very annoying and frustrating for you, this is actually a sign of their incredible intelligence. Researchers have found that your canine buddies are clever enough to know when you are looking at food - and where you are specifically looking. This previously unproven ability for dogs is indeed a key skill of social intelligence. "The ability to interpret our behaviour and anticipate our intentions, which has obviously developed through a combination of domestication and individual experience, seems to have supported the ability to adopt our perspective," said lead researcher Ludwig Huber from the Messerli Research Institute of the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna. "It still remains unclear which cognitive mechanisms contribute to this ability. But it helps dogs to find their way in our world very well." Their experiment showed how dogs can amazingly identify if humans are looking at a food source and can apply this to accurately interpret other cues to even find those food that were placed somewhere they can't see themselves. This could provide solid evidence that our beloved dogs actually understand us at a certain level and are able to adopt our perspective. They could understand what we see by just simply adopting our position and following our gaze (very clever indeed!). Well, looks like you shouldn't be angry at your dogs for outsmarting you at some point. Hey, that's not (entirely) their fault! You are also guilty of the same act, aren't you? Snatching your roommate's chocolate or your sibling's chips! So while you can scold them for it, just don't be too hard. After all, they're still your best friend.
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