"Music To Cats' Ears": Our Cats are so Special Somebody Composed a Music Just for Them!

Khryss | Published 2017-04-09 03:01
Music and cats- two of our favorite ways to (ehem) procrastinate or relax. But according to science, most of the music we're listening to aren't actually enjoyed by our feline buddies (sorry Chainsmokers and Nicki Minaj's fans). So, David Teie had a great idea, a new way to bond with them, comfort them and enrich their lives: Why not make music specifically for cats? After two years of research, he contended that every creature responds differently to sounds due to their brain development and vocalizations. He said that our sense of music comes from the womb, by "hearing" the rhythm and tempo of our mother's pulse. But at birth, cats' brain are just about 1/8 of the size it will have at 10 weeks. So, they are instead believed to establish sense of music only after there were born (i.e. sounds like their mother's purr or meows and suckling for milk). With this premise, Teie composed such music tailored to them by incorporating feline-centric sounds and their innate vocalizations. He also matched to their frequency range. Tested and verified by an independent study conducted at the University of Wisconsin published in Applied Animal Behavior Science, the authors wrote, “cats [truly] showed a significant preference for and interest in species-appropriate music." Music for Cats can really go a long way on showing our love for them. [embed]https://youtu.be/3cClfamM5tI[/embed] So what are you waiting for? Make your cat listen to real music for the first time! They might love you more (not to mention be less grumpy). And as long as they're happy, why not, right? http://www.musicforcats.com/
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