Artist Strikingly Visualized Computer Viruses- These Would've Been What They Look Like as Real Creatures

Khryss | Published 2017-04-09 01:18

During the 1980s, computer viruses and malware have been introduced. Ever since, they have been a part of the internet- a sort of dark alley or street in your city that you want to avoid. Now, around one million new viruses even emerge every. single. day! (No wonder your laptop gets one or two from time to time.) But all malware weren't created equal. Some are so dangerous or has impacted so many computers and systems that hackers and computer geeks know them by just their names.

The 2011 Def Con, a hacker's conference, had Mikko Hypponen (a malware hunter from F-Secure, a security firm) talk about the history of malware; from Brain.a, the first malware of its kind, to Stuxnet, the computer worm responsible for the malfunction of the computers in Iran's uranium enrichment facility. With that, one of the audiences, a Brooklyn based artist Ace Volkov, was deeply inspired to visualize those viruses. He even told Motherboard that he "felt energized by sheer obscurity and uniqueness of these names," which, after all, are really just "lines of code."

His first attempt at them turned these malware into "boring, stereotypical sci-fi looking characters," that "looked too normal, too serious, sterile," as Volkov described. But he changed his approach and looked at them "as a person with their own backstory." This led to some weird, out-of-this-world, Blade-Runner-looking creatures.

Now all you need is to put stats on them and add them to the Monster Manual so the roster of monsters gets more and more diverse. Well, I already have my pen and paper ready. (Excuse me for the geeky DnD pun, they just look like it). So, see for yourself!

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