Planning to Lose Weight? Start With Putting Your Smartphone Down and Going to Bed Early!

Khryss | Published 2017-04-04 19:25
One of the simplest and lesser-known way to lose weight? Sleep! Of course when planning to trim down, most people immediately focus on improving their food habits and workout routine. But did you know that sleeping enough is very important as well? In fact, it can have a direct effect on whether you’re a healthy weight or overweight! "But I'm a night owl. I do things at night- getting my job done, finishing up my homework, and thinking about my existence! I can't possibly sleep early or if I do, I'll have lesser sleep the next night," you might say. Well, that cycle is actually really sabotaging your health, mood and productivity. Do you know how many hours of sleep is needed just to be able to function “normally” during daytime? According to sleep experts, 7-8 hours would be enough. Oh, wait, you've just got over 6 hours last night? Nah-uh, not good. Chronically limiting your sleep is directly linked to weight gain. Just sleeping 6 hours every night can increase your likelihood of being obese by 25% (again not just overweight, but obese) than those who sleep 8 hours a night. Why? Getting enough sleep makes your body produce leptin; a satiety hormone that naturally curbs your appetite. Whereas sleeping less makes your body produce ghrelin; a "hunger hormone" that stimulates your appetite and causes you to crave carbohydrate-rich and fatty foods. Now, wonder why you can't keep yourself from munching while having an all-nighter movie marathon? Just imagine how much easier it will be for you to make healthy food choices by just getting enough sleep! So, please empower your body to make better choices and eat less. Do yourself a favor and put your smartphone down, turn off that laptop, and doze off in your bed freely. Weight loss isn't easy. I know that firsthand and is still struggling to do it (perhaps that's why I've written this article in the first place). Being more rested may be the first step to breaking your everyday routine and start having a healthier one. So, lights off!
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