Are You Ready for the World’s First Ever Human Head Transplant?

Khryss | Published 2017-03-29 21:26
Let me get that sink in for a moment- human head transplant, entire head! Well, you’d better keep in touch for the operation will happen this December. That’s just 8 months more so keep counting! A 30-year old man from Russia, Valery Spiridonov, volunteered in the operation that will be headed (he-he) by Dr. Sergio Canavero. Spiridonov is terminally ill with muscular atrophy and hopes that this insane operation will be his last key to living a normal life. The process will involve removing his head, cooling it in less than 15 degree Celsius then reattaching it to the body of a brain-dead donor. And if all things will go well, he will be able to regain his muscle control with the new body. The knife that will be used for the operation (most specifically in cutting his spinal cord) is specially designed to be able to control cuts up to one millionth of a meter.  His head will be kept frozen to prevent it from bleeding out and to give Dr. Canavero ample of time to reattach it to the new body. However, scientists warn that even if all goes well, attaching a foreign head to a new body can possibly unravel “undiscovered levels of insanity”. So, with a team of programmers, they’ve found a way to (hopefully) prepare Spiridonov for the switch and developed a virtual reality system for this. [embed][/embed] The procedure of this human head transplant will cost $20 million with over 150 doctors, technicians, nurses, and head of the team. Insane and mind blowing as it seem, Spiridonov is still willing to take the risk to possibly soon have a better life ahead of him. But can you imagine how this will affect our future? Imagine rich old people paying to have their heads transferred to young people’s body again and again so that they’ll live forever. It’s like Ryan Reynold’s movie Self/Less but with the real cutting of head! What a time!
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