Six Body Language Cues You Can Use in Social Interactions

Khryss | Published 2017-03-26 23:11
Certain body language cues can help you connect with other people, improve communication, and make you more effective in social interactions. Here are some of them:
  1. The Eyebrow Flash. It is almost an unnoticeable quick raising of the eyebrows, usually occurs naturally when you see someone you know. This can be a signal of casual greeting, and can even lessen the perception that you’re threatening.
  2. Touch. The power of touch- there are a lot of research that suggests how even just a light touch can establish a connection. Better be careful though, for this can also be used to signal sexual interest.
  3. Enter the Bubble. Invasion of the bubble of space we carry around can cause arousal. Such can signal a threat or intimacy depending to how it has been represented but it will nearly always catch someone by surprise.
  4. The Power of Eye Contact.Well, eye contacts can also stimulate the person to view you either as a threat or as an entreaty. It is very subtle but has a powerful effect.
  5. Duchenne Smile.  A study by Paul Ekman and his colleagues has differentiated “fake” smiles from true (what he calls “Duchenne” smiles). A true smile is when somebody narrows his/her eyes, and the wrinkles, or “crow’s feet” are at the outer corners. This smile can make you look more authentic to others. 
  6. Nonverbal greetings.Greetings can help set the tone for any interaction and the nonverbal ones are as important as those we verbally say. A firm handshake can signal seriousness and alertness but a two handed conveys care and appreciation. So, pay attention to how you greet!
So, everytime you meet a new friend or your date for the first time, be sure to take note of these and improve you communication skills and social life!
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