5 Android Hidden Features You Need to Know About

Fagjun | Published 2017-03-26 04:43

In honor of the recent developer preview of Google's Android O, let's look at the Android hidden features you may have missed in Android O's predecessor.

Android Nougat was officially released on August 22 of last year. It turns out that it has a host of hidden features that you may not have known about. It's not too late to check them out, though; it may be months yet before Android O debuts. Without further ado, here are five Android Nougat hidden features that you need to try out.

Find Your Phone With Just a Few Keystrokes

If you misplaced your phone somewhere in the house and you can't find it, try Googling it. Your phone will sound an alert, leading you to its location. If you're constantly misplacing your phone, this is one of the best Android hidden features for you.

To access this feature, you need to use the Android Device Manager.

If you've lost your phone outside the house, you can also use the Android Device Manager to find, track, and call your phone. You can also opt to lock it and wipe its memory if you think that it's been stolen.

Access Your Phone From a Friend's Phone

Sometimes, we forget things, even our phones. This can be inconvenient or even distressing, especially when you've stored a lot of information on your phone. If you need something from your phone but you've forgotten it at home, just borrow a friend's device. You can add a new account to your friend's phone so you can access information on yours.

Enable Split Screen Mode

This is one of the most useful Android hidden features. It allows you to have two apps open and on display at the same time. When you have an app open, just touch and hold the recent apps button to the right of the home button. If you want to go back to having one screen, hold the recent apps button again. The app at the top or on the left will fill the screen.

Access Your Phone Without a Passcode

With Smart Lock, you can make it easier for yourself to access you phone when you're carrying it. Smart Lock can detect your face, location, and other devices so it can verify that it is indeed you. Its front-facing camera can allow it to “see” your face, and it can also detect if your smartwatch is in the vicinity. This way, it can verify that you're the one using it without making you enter your passcode.

Play a Secret Game

This may be one of the most interesting Android hidden features that Google has ever come up with. We know that Google likes slipping a few easter eggs in its software, and Android Nougat is no different. Go to Settings, tap the About Phone option, then tap the Android version three times. When a big “N” appears, tap it two more times then hold. You'll know that the game is activated when a cat emoji appears.

The game is called Neko, which is kind of a less fun version of Neko Atsume.

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