Dare to Have a Balloon Ride to the Edge of Space?

Khryss | Published 2017-03-25 03:11

Space Affairs BLOON experience.

While we were all fascinated by space as children, the vast beauty of this unknown and unexplored place seemed to be so unreachable. And so, as we grow up, we tend to shift our attention to more concrete realities like paying bills and doing jobs (that could actually be jeopardized soon due to AIs). But space enthusiasts, that’s about to change. Imagine standing at the panoramic window just like in 2001: Space Odyssey. Well, two companies might be able to provide an easier way to make this a possibility. And their way? - Balloon flights to space! Leaving the blue sky behind you, gently ascending under a balloon, you can now float stressless in the blackness of space. Be amaze and fall in love with our incredible planet as you gaze at its curvature. World View and Space Affairs are promising “space travellers” a flight to an altitude of 18-25 miles, reaching above 99% of the Earth’s atmosphere for 5 hours. When? This ride could be ready as soon as next year! Also, no need for any special training and medical checkup to experience this for the flight wouldn’t put any strain on your body. This thrill that has been previously reserved solely for astronauts can now be enjoyed by anybody who can fly with a normal airplane.

source: theverge.com

“Now it’s your turn. The breathtaking view unfolds before you—our home planet suspended in the deep, beckoning cosmos. Your world view will be forever changed,” as World View puts it. “We are offering more like a voyage! We are offering to you with the BLOON EXPERIENCE a sustainable and rising experience!” according to Space Affairs. So, what are you waiting for? Feed your wanderlust (you need a fat wallet though) and experience the calmness of an atmosphere outside our horizon inside a balloon! http://www.nanalyze.com/2017/03/7-space-tourism-experiences/
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