A Hot Bath May Be As Good For You As Sweaty Exercises

Khryss | Published 2017-03-22 20:15
Skipping your exercise routine to slack off is rarely ever a wise move, but (everyone listen up) a new study is here again to make our dreams come true.

Researchers from the Loughborough University in the UK utilized a small group of adult men to compare the health benefits, specifically on blood sugar control and number of calories burned, of cycling for an hour and taking an hour long 40˚C bath- both were designed to increase the core body temperature for about 1˚C.

As expected, cycling burned more overall calories than the bath. However, those who simply soaked themselves in a hot bath were found to burn about 140 calories which is as much as the amount of calories burned when walking for half an hour! They also had less dramatic spikes in blood sugar after eating in the following 24 hours with about 10% lower than those who spun the wheel. Ancient and modern cultures alike have sworn by the benefits of a hot bath but this new study was able to provide enough credibility of such notion. This also enables people to understand how “passive heating” like the hot bath or sitting in a sauna can improve one’s health as compared to those sweaty exercises. As promising as this study may be for the lazy among us, lying down and immersing yourself in a hot bath as a substitute for hitting the gym won’t result to your desired beach bod. This is rather mostly helpful to those people who are having a hard time to get out and about for a regular exercise or are weakened by diseases like Type 2 Diabetes wherein the health benefits of this hot bath is hugely important. That said, do your workout routine as frequently as you should but it can't also hurt to switch your shower routine for a relaxing hot bath few times a week.  
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