If Eyes Are Truly The Window To the Soul, These Ones Have Really Bizarre Window Ledge (Picture’s Not Edited!)

Khryss | Published 2017-03-22 06:17
Okay, eyes in general are very fascinating. Even just merely staring at somebody’s eyes, looking really deep is alluring enough. But this case is truly one of a kind! How is this possible? Well, presented in the New England Journal of Medicine, a 37-year-old woman complained to the doctors in Guangzhou, China her itching and watering eyes. Of course, her ophthalmologist (an eyeball expert) had to check out what’s wrong and found that it was simply a mild eye infection called allergic conjunctivitis. Aside from that, she had a perfect 20/20 vision with both eyes equally reactive to light and accommodation (adjustment for distance). However, looking closely, they also incidentally noticed that her eyes had distinguishing (as you can see, that’s her left eye in the picture), prominent iris collarettes. Iris collarrette is a normal part of the eye- when you look really close, you will notice a circular pattern or certain alteration of color within it which separates the central pupillary zone from the peripheral ciliary zone, particularly obvious in lighter colored eyes (or just watch the eyes when flashed with light). Anyway, although the woman’s case isn’t new to the medicine field, it’s still rare to have it protuberantly displayed. "The iris collarette is a landmark that... is typically flat but can be prominent, as seen in this patient," the authors note. While this really looks bizarre and unsettling to some, the condition is actually totally harmless and isn’t known to have an effect to one’s sight in any way. So, if you’re wondering, the woman was able to receive her treatment for allergic conjunctivitis, didn’t suffer any further problems,  and was reassured about her seemingly unique condition.
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