Feeling Stressed? Try This “NiceBalls” and Be The Most Relaxed Person in Your Workplace (or Even At Home)!

Khryss | Published 2017-03-04 02:18
Are you feeling stressed working at your desk all day? Adding typing into the mix of all these computer works, it’s just very hard and exhausting, right? This might sound very mild and minute to some but such can actually contribute to an unhealthy body. And as much as we want to stop, we just can’t leave our jobs. (Of course, how are we supposed to live without it!) With this, we tend to innovate and find ways to alleviate such discomfort, even just in our hands, without taking a toll on our career. So, we do stuffs like simply stretching or having the aid of stress balls. There are a number of these squishy balls available on the market made to help reduce the negative impacts of carpal tunnel and other typing-related issues. But don’t you just feel annoyed sometimes when you can’t seem to find it that instead of relaxing you, it does the opposite? Well, let me introduce to you NiceBalls- the creepiest and coolest of all these stress-releasing objects! This was invented by Imaginarte, a communications agency, with the collaboration of special effects engineer Rodriguez Romeo. It is believed to be the universal solution to a problem shared by millions. You can even conveniently hang this nice pair of balls (yes, that’s right, a pair of those jiggly balls) from your desk, for you to just sit around and play with at your leisure. While this appears to be simply a gag gift, the suspension rate of this dangling prosthetic accessory actually creates a Euclidean curve that promotes greater relaxation during your most stressful days at work. That’s according to science! It even easily sticks to the bottom of your desk, and while they are advertised it as ‘discreet,’ I think people will still be going to notice such big pair of balls hanging from your desk… especially if you’re grabbing at them all day! But, who cares? And hey, it’s really cool. Your friends might even want one for them! Now you can be productive while playing with “you balls” and have the escape that we have all needed once in a while. (Don’t forget to buy one for your mom!)
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