Robolawyers Are Here! What Will Happen To The Present Law Firms?

Khryss | Published 2017-02-26 19:49
Artificial intelligence has been increasingly available in this society lately. A lot of future advancements has also been planned and been further looked into to make our place “better”.  Moreover, some of the AIs aren’t relatively friendly at all and might actually be the possible reason of our future job termination or early retirement (see robo-writer). Well, here’s another breaking news from Forbes: “College Student Uses Artificial Intelligence To Build A Multimillion-Dollar Legal Research Firm.” I know how it sounds but it is really better to hear me out first. ROSS is an artificial-intelligence applications that’s just like any of its kind, relies on advanced mathematical tools like vector space analysis to rapidly comb through millions of documents to find the text that best matches the meaning of a query. Created by Jimoh Ovbiagele and colleagues, it allows one to ask even in their natural language on which the AI answers by showing a list of cases ranked in order, with the relevant passages highlighted. In contrast to the dominant legal research tools, this is easier to use and doesn’t need armies of human indexers to mark up cases with coding and identify important passages supporting or conflicting court rulings. “Taking on the incumbents in this space is a big challenge,” said John R. Fernandez, chief innovation officer at Dentons. But with the increasing availability of legal documents online add it up with artificial intelligence, it is indeed possible to create “a different way of doing research.” “Not just doing research for sources, but asking a question you want a first analytical answer to,” Fernandez added. [embed][/embed] So, there you have it. This creation isn’t actually invented to take over the world like what most people think. It’s not even designed to replace our hardworking lawyers. This tool simply wants to be of help, especially to our attorneys, by taking the administrative work off their plate. This gives them more time and energy to focus on their clients and on formulating strategic questions. Instead of threats, these robot lawyers are actually our friends.
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