Norway The First To Commit Zero Deforestation! More Countries May Soon Follow

Admin | Published 2017-02-24 19:27
Norway is now deforestation-free. The Norwegian government is the very first in the world who pledged an oath to preserve the forest. As an effort for rainforest conservation and protection, the government will now “impose requirements to ensure that public procurements do not contribute to deforestation of the rainforest.” Meaning, the government will no longer award government contracts to any company that cuts down and destroys forests.

Norway would have greener lands in the future (c) Allegan Conservation District

Norway will no longer buy products linked to rainforest deforestation, such as tropical timber, soy and palm oil. Conservation groups were happy about the news, though details of the parliament are yet to be revealed. “This is an important victory in the fight to protect the rainforest. Over the last few years, a number of companies have committed to cease the procurement of goods that can be linked to destruction of the rainforest,” says Nils Hermann Ranum in a statement. Ranum is a member of the Rainforest Foundation Norway, an organization that has worked with the government to make this commitment happen.

Prepare for more trees

“Until now, this has not been matched by similar commitments from governments. Thus, it is highly positive that the Norwegian state is now following suit and making the same demands when it comes to public procurements.” It seems, more nations will follow Norway's steps. During the Climate Summit in New York in 2014 on the issue of deforestation, together with Norway, UK and Germany, they will “promote national commitments that encourage deforestation-free supply chains, including through public procurement policies to sustainably source commodities such as palm oil, soy, beef and timber.” If more countries will follow the Norwegian way, we could look forward for a greener world, where there's enough clean air for everyone. Besides, it isn't too late to help the Earth revive its vibrant life.  
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