Burning These Reactants Could Open A 'Portal To Hell'

Admin | Published 2017-02-24 09:26
Apparently, the decomposition of ammonium dichromate and the combustion reaction of mercury (II) thiocyanate will open a portal to hell. Or at least, something similar. Youtube profile Jason Wooler, was able to film this majestic yet quite frightening chemical reaction between ammonium dichromate and mercury (II) thiocyanate. In the video, after igniting a pile of reactants, it begins to look like the tentacles of satan ready to drag lost souls to hell. In the reality, it has been just a chemical reaction.

Probably, the most beautiful yet horrifying chemical reaction you'd see in your life (c) Vimeo

The orange powder is ammonium dichromate. When introduced to fire, it forms nitrogen gas, water, and ammonium (III) oxide, which is the dark powder that looks like the volcano you see. What seems to be tentacles is actually what happens when mercury (II) thiocyanate is heated. The white solid expands when it's heated to become a dark, tentacle-like mass due to its decomposition to carbon nitride. Furthermore, sulfur dioxide and mercury (II) sulfide are also produced. The reaction is appropriately nicknamed the "Pharoah's Serpent" and was sold in stores as fireworks until people realized it's toxic. Watch this amazing video, and get stunned! Make sure your soul is ready. https://youtu.be/9P4RLEtUqH0    
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