The Long Debate is Over: Does Genital Size Truly Matter?

Khryss | Published 2017-02-23 10:57
Men usually get so conscious of their packages’ appearance. Is it too short? Is it too small? Is it too thin? And the list goes on. All these anxieties actually stem from an age old question that has long affected even our ancestors- does size really matter? Well, thanks to our science buddies, we now have an answer! Let me start with this fun fact: Humans have the largest penises of any primate both in terms of absolute size and relative proportion. That’s quite an accomplishment, yes? High five! Now, imagine how the peacock (no pun intended) choose their partners- female peacocks get to select male based on what they prefer and consider as stunning feathers. Similarly, that’s how “sexual selection” goes for the human beings. It is said that most straight women prefer bigger members as they originally gave an evolutionary advantage- that is, larger penises tend to be more efficient at clearing out sperm from other partners. While women have reported more vaginal orgasms with longer penises, it is also worth noting that female orgasms aren’t just of one type- vaginal (remember G-spots?) and clitoral orgasms are your friends in case of need. Go ebb and flow for a complete amazing experience!
In spite of these evolutionary advantages, there’s a limit to how long an attractive size is. A member larger than 7.6 centimeters in its flaccid state is not necessarily better anymore. Proportion is also important as does the person attached to the penis. Hence, a glorious dick may only get you so far. But not even your anatomy can help you if you’re a jerk. So, folks, here you go! While science have proven size to matter, big doesn’t always mean better. Now manage to stop being an arse and start focusing on your personality than the size of your penis. [embed][/embed]  
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