Swiss Alps May Have 70% Drop In Snow In The Coming Years, But We Can Prevent It

Admin | Published 2017-02-20 01:38
Switzerland's white mountains may have an average 70% reduction in the depth of snow cover by the end of the century, according to a study published in The Cryosphere. But there's hope, the catastrophe could be prevented, and snow depth could be limited to 30% if the global temperature rise is kept to no more than 2C above pre-industrial levels, researchers say.

The drop in amount of snow cover proves all of us are affected by climate change (c) Pinterest

About 44% of global ski visitors goes to Swiss Alps each year, which makes it the biggest ski destination in the world. Thus, the study focused on the two ski spots in the said region, which are the Aare in central Switzerland; and the Grisons in the east. For the study, the experts used data from 82 weather stations and three different climate change scenarios, and then they simulated snow cover in the two regions through the 21st century. In one of the simulations, worldwide CO2 emissions are halved by the middle of the century and global temperature rise is likely to stay below 2C since pre-industrial levels. The researchers call this scenario “RCP3PD”, but it is perhaps more commonly known as “RCP2.6”.

Let's save the Earth or we'll never see something like this again

On the other two scenarios of simulations, no specific international effort to cut emissions are assumed. Global temperatures are rising 2.2-4.9C by the end of the century in the “A1B” scenario, or 2.5-5.9C in the “A2” scenario. In the coming years, the simulations show that the decline in the thickness of the snow is similar for all three scenarios. However, there were variations found. For example, by around 2070-99, the projected snow changes in both Swiss regions are around 30% for RCP3PD (green bars), but nearer 60% and 70% for the A1B (red) and A2 (blue) scenarios, respectively. If this simulations turn true, people may depend on artificial snow in the future to provide the mountains and skiers enough amount of ice. However, if each of us would help with climate change we can preserve, and continue to enjoy the beauty if Swiss Alps, as well as for future generations. Source: Cryosphere  
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