Deep Relation Of Sleep And Intelligence Revealed!

Admin | Published 2017-02-17 02:10
In a study published in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, researchers explored the link between sleep pattern and intelligence. The experts focused on sleep spindles, which have been previously linked to IQ test performance. A sleep spindle is a burst of oscillatory brain activity visible on an EEG that occurs during stage 2 sleep. It is the phase where we spend the majority of the night while sleeping.

Particular sleep patterns may indicate person's IQ (c) People | HowStuffWorks

Researchers Fang, Sergeeva, Ray, Viczko, Owen, and Fogel conducted the studies where they asked participants to sleep in a lab while physiological data was recorded. They measured the people's sleep quality and characteristics of sleep spindles. Later in the day, participants completed a suite of cognitive tests from CBS Trials in their homes. The results showed, sleep spindles were related to cognitive performance, and the relationship was not mediated by sleep quality. The experts also learned that the link was specifically between spindles and reasoning abilities, and there were no links found with verbal abilities or short-term memory.

When your sleep pattern is whacked

Furthermore, there is a deep connection between sleep spindles and “fluid intelligence,” as measured by high reasoning ability. However, people with certain spindle patterns don't mean they sleep better. The difference in reasoning cannot be explained as its side effect of the sleep quality. The use of CBS Trials contributed to the success of this study. Because of the technique, the tests were pre-made and pre-validated, participants were also able to contribute from home, thus letting the researchers save time and money. As well as past research which used the same tests were was combined in each result resulting to a more meaningful context because of CBS trials.  
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