Children Should Be Out Of the Factory And Into The Real World: What’s Wrong With Our School System?

Khryss | Published 2017-02-16 20:39
The school system is a huge problem today. Children are dragooned into rows, made to sit still, drowning them with nothing but facts and testing the life out of them. They are taught to do redundant tasks, advocating them to behave like robots. And they suffer this dehumanizing system for nothing. Why? If you want a good job in the future, you must be not be stiff, not like machines. You must be creative, critical and socially skilled. The irony lies in how the school system is shaping children now. Curriculum and tests narrow that they alienate any beautiful mind when it does not work in a particular way that they want. It’s sad to imagine how we confine children, bursting with energy and excitement, to one spot like battery chickens just because we wanted them to be “educated”. We are teaching them to be in order, be disciplined and be as obedient as possible. Machines are exactly what the government calls “efficient students”. What’s worse? The teachers take the blame for this system failure when in fact they have lesser autonomy nowadays. According to Graham Brown-Martin from his book, Learning {Re}imagined, a common reason for these perversities is that today’s schools were designed to produce the workforce required by 19th-century factories. Can you imagine how that is? That means the future of children today narrows down to being workers sitting silently at their benches all day, behaving identically, producing identical products, and submitting to punishment when they don’t achieve the mandatory standards. Don’t get me wrong; children do love learning. But as long as it stops them from using their natural creativity and curiosity, I think we have a problem. We have learned to walk, talk, eat and play spontaneously through observation and experiment. What kind of system suppresses these instincts? Well, a bad one. We have to start teaching our children to explore in their own ways and develop their own interests. I think it’s about time they go out of the factory and into the real world. Or else they’ll turn into clueless adults wondering what they’ve done wrong with their lives- and guess what? They’ve never learned anything in school.
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