Brace Yourselves, There’s A Leak of What Magic Leap Might Be Currently Working On!

Khryss | Published 2017-02-15 11:40
Remember that awesome, dreamy Cloud Atlas-like augmented reality of a whale splashing in a school gym? The company behind that, Magic Leap, might currently be on the lead to transform our reality once again and give a glimpse to the future. Magic Leap’s secretive nature, add it up with these wonderful, trippy creations has nonetheless raised firestorm of media coverage. This has led everybody into asking, “What is this company’s next project?” “Has they been up to something recently?” Alas! A new leak might have the answer. Business Insider claimed that an image of a prototype has been disclosed to them, with their source saying that such device is called “PEQ0”- a temporary name derived from an internal “prototype naming scheme” the company uses. Magic Leap, however, left no trace or comment to verify the information. Moreover, this prototype can be an issue since the famous company has been accused of using erroneous and misleading marketing material, overselling its system. Magic Leap’s alleged to spread demo-products to make people believe their technology is a lot advanced than it truly is. In short, they have been thought to be false-advertising. In response to this, the company’s CEO, Rony Abovitz stated in a memo to his employees to “Ignore all of this. Focus on what we are doing, and we ship a great product. That will speak loudly and reverberate for many years.” “This leak also comes at a prime time, as there is a board meeting next week that is generally seen as a milestone in the product’s development,” Futurism stated last 11th of February this year. [embed][/embed] If this prototype is indeed any indication, whatever they develop is surely going to be pretty fantastic. This could be their chance to display their claim, once and for all, that Magic Leap can truly welcome us to a new world. One where whales swim out of nowhere.  
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