Man Tries To Touch Liquid Used In Outer Space With His Bare Hands!

Admin | Published 2017-02-15 05:02
Ferrofluid is a dark liquid invented by NASA early in the space program to be used for outer space missions. There's no gravity in space to hold the liquid at the bottom of the container so it is difficult to control liquids while in space. Liquids in space can go anywhere in the container. Whether up, bottom, side or even at the center of the tank.   So experts thought they should find a way to control liquid other than with the use of gravity. NASA experts came up with an idea to use a solid fluid, instead. That is when ferrofluid was created.

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Ferrolfuid is attracted by magnets. This fluid doesn't care about gravity. You can see in the video that it lifts up in spikes as it reacted following the magnetic lines. This man with Youtube profile, Brainiac75, placed an extremely powerful 6x2" neodymium under his table to control the ferrofluid, and prevent it from making a mess. For his experiment, he tries to touch the ferrofluid both with bare hands and with gloves. However, he warns the audience that it is not recommended since ferrofluid is a skin irritant.

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After touching the ferrofluid with safety gloves, the man noticed a stain on his gloves. It is because of magnetite, which the unique liquid contains. After touching the ferrofluid with his bare finger, he immediately washed his hands for safety measures. Find out what happened to his skin after watching the video!
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