Life at 100%: This Might Be The Start of The Wireless Charging Era!

Khryss | Published 2017-02-14 18:23
Have you ever wondered about the possibility of no-cord chargers? Less mess, easy to use, and hey, you don’t have to panic when you see that “low battery” signal on your phones anymore. Behold, these wireless charging technologies- the charger equivalent to Apple’s new EarPods! (But trust me, it’s really better looking.) This gives justice to the name “mobile technology” as this charger literally makes our gadgets mobile even when charging. It’s about time we cut the cord, and a number of companies might have the solution. A startup, Ossia created this product called Cote. They’ve described it as “smart” and “clean,” as this device would look for patterns in gadget usage using radio frequencies, monitoring such as they leave and return to the charging area. This means it turns on when devices are in range and hibernates when not in use. Humavox, an Israeli company, created ETERNA which also relies on RF technology but still uses the charging station model that requires closer contact. uBeam, another company, plans to use an ultrasound technology. It all starts with the transmitter, emitting high frequency sound that is inaudible to people and pets. The receiver then picks it up and converts it into usable electrical energy. The company WiTricity, on the other note, plans to incorporate magnetic resonance-based wireless charging for PCs instead (yes, you heard that right, no more cords in the desk). This technology is capable of wireless charging from a distance of several feet. Lastly, Wi-Charge uses lasers (cool!) to recharge mobile devices. It works through a transmitter unit connected to a normal power source and emits a focused infrared beam to gadgets that carry a receiver. It is then converted to electrical power using a photovoltaic cell, just like solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, according to Wi-Charge. This technology can actually even deliver hundreds of watts of power! What a time to be alive. This could be the year for the wireless charging technology we all deserve. However, there are still obstacles in putting this to reality. No matter how great these creation sounds, issues in terms of security, safety and standardization are still being looked upon.
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