Efficient Robo-Writers Are Here! Is This The End of Human Journalism?

Khryss | Published 2017-02-13 22:45
Oh dear, are we about to lose our jobs? A new artificial intelligence has been created and it could be writers’ future competition. AI writers have been developed even before although they were still in some ways off. But no, not these! Narrative Science is one of the companies that were able to create this efficient AI and called it Quill. They insist that this AI has “advanced” natural language generation (NLG) platform as subfield. This NLG analyzes data and turns it into language. Moreover, Quill can be trained to mimic the style and tone of a particular human, writing texts in all sorts of formats. Similarly, another company named Automated Insights has an equivalent of Quill called Wordsmith. The only difference is Wordsmith uses templates created by the client. Lastly, Aria NLG has launched a new product, Recount. As Aria describes, these AI provides “access to full-time skills common to financial analysts, spotting trends, identifying problems, and forecasting what’s likely to happen next.” Research technology firm, Gartner, even predicted that natural language generation will soon (just 2 years) be a standard feature of 90% (oh c’mon!) of modern business intelligence and analytic platforms. But no, we’re still not buying it. Yes, it can write more than 1.5 billion pieces of content for over a year; yes, they can write over 60 daily weather reports. Yes, they can write. “But can they ask hard-hitting questions? Infuse narrative with subtle humor and warmth? Drink like a fish and bang out a thousand words with a tequila hangover? We didn’t blast Hunter S. Thompson into outer space because he could spell well,” as Nanalyze puts it. These robo-writers can be an evidence of how fast and great our technologies are advancing. But I can never concede that these will replace our great and thought-provoking human writers. http://www.nanalyze.com/2017/01/narrative-science-natural-language-generation/  
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