The Science of Vacation: Does Taking a Trip Improve Well-Being?

Khryss | Published 2017-02-13 21:27
I think we all agree that taking a trip somewhere is a good stress reliever. We sit there in the office in front of this pile of paperwork daydreaming about the sunshine touching your skin while hearing the relaxing waves of the sea. When this thought sounds really soothing, we tend to be like Mila Kunis in Bad Moms, taking the great effects of vacation for granted because of the constant worry on keeping our job. Which leads us to the question- how good is this vacationing? A study published by the University of Massachusetts Amherst delved deeper in this topic. They surveyed more than 800 vacationers to determine whether vacations actually relieve stress and improve life satisfaction. Good news everyone! Results of this research are with us. It suggested there are actually four (not just one!) aspects during vacation that can increase our life satisfaction. First, people who perceive they have control over their travel plans are more likely to feel satisfied after a vacation. Second, psychological detachment from work during your break also helps reduce stress levels. Third, relaxation experiences from this trip can actually act as an escape from work stress. Lastly, research advise vacationers to master a new skill during vacation as it helps one obtain internal  sources  (such  as  personal  energies  and positive  mood) which is also helpful for the improvement of one’s well-being. Moreover, study found that longer vacations can be a greater avenue in achieving these goals, yielding greater benefits. Hence, how you spend your time on vacation is important too. This can help employers to understand that employees truly need a break from all these workloads. Such vacation can improve work performance too! Although lightly ventured, this is a serious topic since no matter how paid vacation is mandated in most developed countries, employees choose not to go for the fear of losing their jobs. So, fellas, it’s about time you show this article to your boss and get the long-planned trip you deserve. This is life-work balance we’re talking about!
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