Selfie Paradox: Though You Like Your Snaps, Most People DO NOT LIKE Your Selfies!

Admin | Published 2017-02-11 00:32

We love our selfies. Does others feel the same way? (c)

Although very popular, most people would rather view ‘normal’ photos on social media than look at selfies. So yeah, weep. New research found out that people who took a lot of selfies are not actually interested in viewing them on social media, and most prefer ‘normal’ photos instead. Selfies are very popular and a ritual to people in all walks of life, from celebrities to preteens.  Almost every social media account on the planet, from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, contain several selfies.But does people really like to look at your selfies? Research says no. The study, which is made by researchers from L Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich and published in Frontiers of Psychology, examined more than 230 participants and examined behavior and personality traits behind selfie habits. The participants were from Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. It confirmed that people who have high scores on self-promotion and self-disclosure felt very positive when taking selfies. These people view selfies as a form of self-advertisement. Does this sound familiar? Not all people who took selfies actually like it. Researchers identified some people who scored high regarding understatement, or portrayal of self or achievements as unimportant; these people are didn’t feel positive about their own selfies. It also showed that most people view their selfies as more authentic, ironic, or funny when compared to selfies of other people in social media. Although the majority of people do find that other people’s selfies are too self-promoting, only half of them said that to their own snaps. Based on the results, researchers coined the term ‘selfie paradox’ describing how we really like our own selfies but not on others. This is illustrated when participants were asked which photos they prefer on social media, 82% said they would prefer photos other than selfies. However, it is to note that 77% of the participants are aware of the negative effects of selfies on self-esteem.

It is bad to judge people based on their selfies.

So selfie paradox makes selfies a two-edged sword. Taking selfies may help a person feel good about themselves. However, as researchers noted, “At the same time, research revealed that selfies often evoke criticism and disrespect, and are associated with non-authenticity and narcissism.” So are selfies bad for you? Probably not, as said in this study, because it can be a tool for proper self-expression. It becomes bad when we use other people’s selfies as a tool to determine their face value. Do you like this news? How about this one? Make sure to learn something new every day here in WowScience!
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