You Can Let Your Children Use Their Gadgets, Science Says

Khryss | Published 2017-02-11 07:01
Different digital devices have changed how humans work, play, and socialize. Rapid developments in technology such as high-speed Internet, flat-panel displays, and mobile computing power have defined and shaped today’s childhood. Due to its known negative effects, the time adolescents spend with these technologies has sparked concerns especially from parents. Full understanding, nonetheless, of the impact of these recreational activities is needed. A study of digital use and mental wellbeing among teenagers (15 years old) has suggested that the use of devices may be beneficial as long as it’s moderated. Researchers call this moderation the “Goldilocks effect” referring to the version of the fairy story wherein Goldilocks discovers the best porridge is neither too hot nor too cold. That is, certain time of weekday use of particular devices has a positive effect on the children’s wellbeing. Specifically, these devices are most optimal at this time usage: for video games- an hour and 40 minutes, smartphone- an hour and 57 minutes, TV and films- 3 hours and 41 minutes, and computers-4 hours and 17 minutes. Moreover, researchers also suggest parents to spend more time with their children or suggest alternative activities to them instead of constantly counting up their screen time and demanding them to stop using a device after a certain point. This could help better not only in managing their device use but also creating a better connection between the parent and children. However, not all digital devices are “created equal.” Some technological activities can interfere with other structured activities especially during weekdays. Also, children don't simply use one device during the day and may actually even use them concurrently. This is a limitation that gives avenue for future work especially that technology is still continually growing, connecting other people and affecting more lives. Overall, technological advancements possess immeasurable potentials to help better our lives but it is also worth noting that, for this to completely work, moderate usage is quite crucial.
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