Study Suggests Long-Term Sanity Uncommon In People

Admin | Published 2017-02-09 08:15
There is a good chance you have been mentally unstable, or insane, once or several times in your life. According to a recent study, almost everybody encounters mental disorders once or several times in their lives. Fortunately, many of these mental problems are only temporary. However, the finding is very surprising because it states that most of us do not have perfect mental health even though we feel perfectly sane and in sound mind.

It seems that going mental is not uncommon (c) Medical Daily

Researchers studied data on individuals in Dunedin, New Zealand, born between 1972 and 1973. They followed up the patients 13 times, from birth to age 38. Further examination showed that only very few individuals, 171 out of 988 participants (or just 17 percent), experienced no anxiety, depression, or other mental ailments. For the rest of the participants, half experienced a single bout of depression, anxiety, or substance abuse by the time they reached around 38 years old. Temporary disturbance in mental functioning is termed as a transient mental disorder. The remainder, around 41% (408 individuals) had a history of one or more serious mental disorders, such as bipolar disorder and psychotic disorders. Many of them had the disorder, or disorders, lasting several years. So what are the factors associated with excellent mental health? The data showed that having more education, better jobs, more life satisfaction, and better relationships are protective factors. But those factors are not guarantees, as nearly a fourth actually scored below average in terms of life satisfaction. Results of the study showed that long-term state of perfect mental health is unusual. The results are supportive to the belief that mental disorders are often under-reported for various reasons. If there is one thing we have to learn from this study, that would be awareness of mental disorders and how it can affect anybody. We, as members of the society, must work to be aware of mental disorders and be ready to give or seek help. It is also important to reduce the stigma associated with mental problems.

The most important thing in mental illness is seek help right away (c) Everyday Health

Having moments of depression or anxiety due to life events and stresses, although often termed as mental illness, is okay and normal to most people. Accept the fact that mental illness is present and could easily happen to you. The most important thing is to seek help immediately. Check out more amazing news here in WowScience! Click here to learn something about the developmental disorder autism.
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