Use of Cocaine Associated With Higher Risk Of Unprotected Sex

Admin | Published 2017-02-07 04:09
For the first time, a scientific experiment showed cocaine may make you more likely to forego condoms during sex. Many people believe that cocaine has purported enhancing effects on sexual drive or desire, but it has never been observed scientifically until now. There are some important questions here in this article. How the scientists devised the experiment? Are the participants given cocaine and ordered to do the deed?

Not only it is addicting, but it can affect your ability to make sound decisions.

Scientists in the study tried to determine if cocaine use has any effect on practicing safer sex. They invited cocaine users and non-users (men and women) and abstained them from using drugs and alcohol for a day. A series of experiments are performed the next day. Before the tests, each participant was given a pill that either contains placebo or cocaine (at two different dosages). After 4.5 hours,  when the effects of high wear off, the experiments began. During the session, the participants were made to rate the effect of cocaine and sexual desire every 10 minutes. The participants were ordered to look at photographs of men and women, and asked them the following:
  • Choose which ones are likely to have an STD, so users have a reason to use a condom
  • Choose the ones they want to have casual sex with.
  • Rate willingness to use a condom, if one is available.
  • Rate how long they would wait to get a condom
They excluded users who are seeking help from addiction; they were referred to treatment centers instead. Results showed that cocaine, regardless of dose, does increased sexual desire, but at the same time also increase the likelihood of risky behavior. Although most are likely to use a condom at the beginning, usage among cocaine users is less likely if they have to wait, even if they will have sex with someone with a high probability of STD. This ‘impatience’ is exclusive only in sex, and not in other situations. It also affected anyone using cocaine, with no discrimination between occasional and regular users. Note that the users are not high when the experiments were performed.

Study proved that cocaine use, regardless of frequency or dose, makes you sexually impatient, which can be dangerous.

If you were just born yesterday, cocaine is an expensive stuff that is stimulating and very addicting; it is among the most addictive drugs on Earth. Cocaine’s effects are stimulating, so it is often used to induce excitement in sex.  However, this experiment also shows how cocaine affects decision making, with potentially life-changing consequences. Check out other related articles like this, only here in WowScience!
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