Handling Your Emotional Triggers, Like A Pro

Admin | Published 2017-02-02 22:08
There are inevitable circumstances that trigger our emotions. The best example would be social media platforms that remind us what we did in the past. They just come up out of nowhere, and sometimes we don't have a choice if we can't help using our accounts.  For instance, we are reminded about our former lovers by showing a couple of photos from the past we prefer to forget. Sometimes the feelings linger from it. So Emotional Fitness, Barton Goldsmith Ph.D, formed a technique to handle emotional triggers. Because not being able to do it, could sometimes affect our living. "We all deal with so much emotional baggage every day that when we are needlessly brought down by a memory that we didn’t ask for, it can be upsetting. I have found that running from the upset doesn’t help," he mentioned in his work published in Psychology Today.  

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Just recently, Goldsmith's dog passed away. He mourned his pet's death, and moved on. However, Facebook keeps on reminding him  of the time they spent together, and sometimes he feels down about it. "It’s a drag, but it is also part of being human. Yes, there are memories that we’d all like to erase, but that really isn’t possible, so we need to learn what to do when the bad one’s pop up," he added. He said emotional baggage is not a horrible thing. Sometimes, these memories are also a reminder of good parts. According to Goldsmith, "loss is a part of life, and although it may cause you some momentary discomfort, it also serves as a reminder of the good parts. And you are sad because the opportunity for those good parts may no longer be available."   He said feelings will be there. Sometimes, it may even stay there for a while. There will be moments when things won't be easy. But knowing that we'd be able to grow past them will make dealing with emotional triggers much easier. "It’s when you think the pain will never end that you can get yourself into trouble. If you are emotionally triggered, please don’t act out. Give yourself at least three days to process your feelings, and if they are still present and intense, then you need to communicate what’s going on to the people who are involved. This is truly where the answers are and the only way you will find a peaceful resolution. Once you talk about it with the right person, you will see things more clearly, and feel differently," Goldsmith on how to handle issues that's been there for long.  
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