Experts Modify A Molecule That Reverses Antibiotic Resistance As Weapon Against Superbugs!

Admin | Published 2017-01-24 05:38
Due to the terror brought by superbugs, experts have now begun their journey in seeking the best weapons against this invincible infection. Their first step is to modify a molecule that reverses antibiotic resistance in multiple strains of bacteria at once.

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After a woman died in 2016 from an infection that was resistant to every kind of antibiotic, researchers started working hand-in-hand to fight against this new strain of virus. What they did is to create a molecule that attacks an enzyme which makes bacteria resistant. The new superbug made current antibiotics almost useless in treating diseases that were previously easily treatable. Thus, this modified molecule had to reverse antibiotic resistance. "We’ve lost the ability to use many of our mainstream antibiotics," lead researcher Bruce Geller from Oregon State University, told Science Alert. "Everything’s resistant to them now. That’s left us to try to develop new drugs to stay one step ahead of the bacteria, but the more we look the more we don’t find anything new," he said. "So that's left us with making modifications to existing antibiotics, but as soon as you make a chemical change, the bugs mutate and now they're resistant to the new, chemically modified antibiotics.” According to United Nations, the superbug is now considered as a “fundamental threat” to humanity. If experts wouldn't be able to come up with an effective drug against the infection, it's estimated that 300 million people may die by 2050.
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