Self-Sustaining Boat Will Roam The World For 6 Years Using Only Sun, Wind And Hydrogen

Admin | Published 2017-01-24 05:13
The "Energy Observer," an eco-friendly boat will travel the world for a purpose. Equipped with solar panels, wind turbines, and a hydrogen fuel cell system, the self-sustaining boat will roam the planet for 6 years using only renewable energy. The leaders of the project, Jerome Delafosse, a professional diver and documentarian, and Victorien Erussard, offshore racer and the Merchant navy officer, who are both from France, are preparing for their journey which they believe is a huge help for humanity and the Earth. "In the past, man explored to conquer territories and to appropriate wealth. With Energy Observer, we want to explore to discover and share solutions for a cleaner future," said Delafosse on their website. With the help of architects, navigators, and engineers, the boat is not only energy efficient, but also autonomous. The vessel is the first-ever independent hydrogen-powered boat that uses decarbonized wind energy and hydrogen from ocean water. The boat will also use a smart traction kite will help convert the boat's engines into hydro generators. The "Energy Observer" has a mission to visit 50 countries and make 101 stops in search of "innovative solutions" for the environment. Leaders of the expedition also desire to spread awareness all over the world saying creative and environmental solutions can be done. According to the site, "Energy Observer is a 6-year Odyssey around the world, in search of innovative solutions for the environment. 6 years, 50 countries and 101 stops, to meet all those who draw today, the world of tomorrow, to prove that a cleaner world is possible. More than a boat, a true media for positive and inspiring information, serving solutions."  
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