Hospital Uses Robots That Clean Premises With Only Light!

Admin | Published 2017-01-24 03:11
Hospitals should always be kept well-sanitized due to germs and pathogens from patients that may infect other individuals. Though there are available cleaning products that may do the job, common sanitation methods can't eliminate several types of virus. With this new robot, this issue could be resolved. Xenex is a high tech robot that uses a UV light system to breakthrough bad germs. It can wipe out bacteria and viruses that normal cleaning agents cannot do.


  Christ Hospital in Ohio is the first to acquire such robots. They just got five Xenex bots that will begin cleaning every corner and pathway of the hospital. Deborah Hayes, chief operating officer of the establishment, says it's one of the most powerful tools available for patient safety. She said the hospital's main goal is to have healed patients discharged from the hospital, and not infected people that may bring further harm.     "The CDC estimates that hospital acquired infections are the 9th leading cause of death," Hayes told NBC 24. Hospital authorities said they are not planning to replace the current sanitation process, instead they will use the robots to fight against new infections.  


  Mary Nicholson, infection control at the Christ Hospital, said in an interview, "We plan to use it for all patients with drug resistant like MRSA, all those terrible bugs you are hearing about and definitely for those c-difficile patient rooms." Xenex had promising results when reducing deadly strains of anthrax and Ebola on surfaces. Though, each robot costs around $100,000, the calculated cost-benefit showed they will likely recover much of that expenses if every five people are prevented from having major infections.
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