Nearly Half of US Men Has Cancerous Type of Genital Viral Infection!

Admin | Published 2017-01-23 13:51

This might surprise or not surprise you at all, but nearly half of the men in the United States have some kind of genital infection specifically the kind called human papillomavirus or HPV. This is according to a study reported to JAMA Oncology. It is also believed that 25 percent of the HPV type in these men are linked to cancer.

Previous studies on this kind of virus only focused on women due to its link to most of cervical cancer cases in the US. It was only until 2011 that experts recommended to get boys and men vaccinated against HPV. The researchers of this study found out that only 10 percent were vaccinated. The experts believe that if these men get vaccinated, thousands of cancer cases can be prevented, including those type that used HPV transmission. HPV infection is very tricky as other types don't cause cancer. In 100 strains only 18 are cancerous. Some of those who are infected don't even know they are infected. Some do not get any symptoms at all. Those who do know, gets the infection cleared out on its own. Two out of those 18 cancerous strains cause 90 percent of all warts. Seven of those strains cause most cases of HPV-related cancers. The vaccine available can only protect against 9 of these cancerous HPV strains. The study came at the onset of the high incidence of mouth and foot cancer that attributed to HPV infection among men. The authors concluded in their study that "only when vaccination rates are significantly increased will progress be made in eradicating most HPV-related cancers in the United States." The study is published in JAMA Oncology. Source: See: If You Think Straight Men Don’t Watch Gay Porn, Think Again
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