This VR Calculator Would Make You Love Math!

Admin | Published 2017-01-19 06:12
Not everyone loves numbers. Especially those crucial years during introduction to trigonometry and basic calculus. Ugh, the terror of graphs, infinite numbers and formulas. Not to mention, the drowsy days during math class scheduled after lunch. I would assume, I wasn't the only one who got unbearably bored and sleepy. Math wasn't my favorite. However, with this new technology, it seems everyone will now appreciate the beauty of numbers. Calcflow, a virtual reality app would let us explore mathematical theorems and scenarios in an interactive virtual reality environment. Now, this sounds like fun in math. According to reports, using the app we can trace the outline of a mobius strip, examine a fluid vector chart or create a three-dimensional graph of a parametric equation. Woah.   But creators say, Calclow is more than that. It will help students and mathematicians interpret 3D spatial objects. The app can turn an idea or a formula into an object with complete features like depth and complexity. This way, we can see how different variations of mathematical concepts can affect an object. This technology will turn math into a hands-on activity. The future generation will surely and literally see vibrant colors in math using this app. They will be able to play, learn intuitively, and get into the flow of mathematics. We may not know it, but mathematics and numbers influence most everything we do. Calcflow will help us decipher the hidden language in numbers. Who knows, this app may be the key to help us come up with the alien language we can use to communicate with the ET.
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