Six-Wheeled Robots Will Deliver Food In US Doorsteps Within A Few Weeks!

Admin | Published 2017-01-19 05:08
It arrived sooner than expected. In just a few months, robots will be doing another job of humans. A small portion of Americans will experience the first automated robotic delivery made by Starship Technologies. Starship Technologies has partnered with companies and will soon release the pilot units. The first two commercial partnerships for its ground-based delivery robots in the US are with DoorDash in Redwood City, California, and with Postmates in Washington, DC.

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According to Starship Technologies, the robots will start delivering a few weeks from now. The trial test will happen within a four-mile-wide area in each city. The DoorDash will test the bots in Redwood City’s downtown business district, and Starship will run its Postmates pilot in the northwestern part of Washington, DC’s city limits. Customers may expect robots delivering their goods with no additional charge. This isn't the first time for the company. In fact, Starship has already performed deliveries in the UK and Germany thanks to partnerships with services like Just Eat, Pronto, and Hermes. Now, it's America's turn to experience this futuristic service.

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The process of the delivery will begin by placing the order and choosing the robot delivery method. The customers then will receive a notification when their delivery is on the way. The robots can carry up to 20 pounds of cargo, with a maximum speed of four miles per hour. Meaning, they will probably take the sidewalks that may take 15-30 minutes delivery time. The customers can track the robots through a map, and will receive a notification when it reached the location. The customers will also receive a message with a custom link that they have to tap in order to unlock the robot’s hatch. The hatch is just one of the safety measures of the robots, they are also equipped with cameras, GPS, built-in alarms, and a two-way radio on each robot.

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Holger Luedorf, Postmates’ senior vice president of business tells The Verge, “if robots are coming, and are going to be an option for part of our deliveries, then we think we should test these [now] and gain experience, and get data to kind of really say what this means for our business."
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