You May Be Drinking Stink Bugs With Your Red Wine!

Admin | Published 2017-01-18 15:13
You may be chugging the firm red wine like a real connoisseur but not everyone knows what you may be having in there other than just the fermented grapes. Not everyone has the keen sense of taste to tell if their glass of red wine has an unusually funny taste. But if you are one of those people who loves their red wine so much that no anomaly escapes un-apprehended, then you might be able to detect the batch of red wine produce that put winemakers in constant headache. Not because they get the troubling hangover after habitually drinking but because of the problem they face with the bugs that give the funny taste to their red wine.

Brown marmorated stink bugs which love to feast on grapes may have been included in the winemaking process and altered the taste of wine, specifically red wine. These stink bugs produce a compound called trans-2-decenal (T2D) when they get stressed. Being stressed wouldn't even describe it when they get crushed with their favorite food, grapes.

Elizabeth Tomasino from Oregon State University and her team wanted to determine how the perception of red wine affects with stink bug in the mix. They created their own red wine and tossed in stink bugs. They found that the density of three stink bugs per grape cluster yielded wine with a T2D concentration of 2 μg/L. That is only a tiny amount to be detected by consumers, but in the previous study, some wine tasters could sense  T2D at a concentration as low as 0.5 μg/L. The research team reported response varies from their taste testers. Some liked the taste with T2D, some found it awful. But it's not surprising if some people love it, after all T2D is found in cilantro, which can sometimes be an add-on to cocktails and drinks. Source: See: This is Why You Should Start Adding Bugs in Your Diet, Not Just for the Crunch!
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