Why We Mix Up Names Is A Glitch In The Head

Admin | Published 2017-01-17 02:58
It's a very common mistake. Sometimes, quite embarrassing, especially if we're not close to the person. We mix up names. Experts say, it usually happens when calling the names of the people we love. Samantha Deffler, a scientist at Rollins College, in Winter Park, Fla., recalled when her mother summons her and all her siblings. She remembered how many gazillion times her mom mixes up her name and her sister's. Thus, she conducted a study to find the reason behind it. For her study, she surveyed 1,700 men and women of different ages. Surprisingly, she learned that almost everyone makes the same mistake. Her work is published in the journal Memory & Cognition. According to Deffler, it's a 'cognitive glitch'. She said people categorizes names in the brain, which makes up a name archive inside the mind. When people call out for someone or mentions their name, they pick out a name in this part of brain saved in the same category. Thus, it's very common for mothers to mix up the names of their children because the names are in the same 'brain folder'. "Say you've got an armful of groceries and you need some quick help from one of your kids. Your brain tries to rapidly retrieve the name from the family folder, but it may end up retrieving a related name instead," Neil Mulligan, a cognitive scientist at UNC Chapel Hill, told the NPR. "As you are preparing to produce the utterance, you're activating not just their name, but competing names," he added. Thus, when your parent or sibling called you with the name of your dog, don't get offended. It just means they love your dog as much as how they love you.
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