Coffee Drinkers Rejoice! You May Live A Long Life, Science Says!

Admin | Published 2017-01-17 01:51
"But first, coffee." Most of us couldn't even start the day without a daily dose of caffeine. One sip and everything seems bright, vibrant, and joyful! Just the sweet aroma of its brewing beans could start a jolt of energy. Besides keeping us 'alive' and optimistic, coffee can do wonders to health. Experts say caffeine can prolong life by fighting body inflammation, which is the root of many serious illnesses. Scientists at Stanford University School of Medicine studied the link between coffee consumption, age, systemic inflammation, and cardiovascular disease. They gathered 100 participants for the study and collected data, including blood tests, survey and medical family histories. In the study published in Nature Medicine, researchers conducted a long term program where they analyzed the effect of coffee on young and old participants. In a group with ages 20-30, and another group with participants aged 60, they learned that people who tended to drink more coffee had lower levels of inflammatory compounds in their blood. "It's also well known that caffeine intake is associated with longevity. Many studies have shown this association. We've found a possible reason for why this may be so," David Furman of the Stanford University's Institute for Immunity, Transplantaion and Infection told the Deccan Chronicle. His colleague Mark Davis continued in an interview, "Our findings show that an underlying inflammatory process, which is associated with aging, is not only driving cardiovascular disease but is, in turn, driven by molecular events that we may be able to target and combat." Researchers also studied the effect of caffeine to Interleukin-1-beta. This chemical triggers inflammation in the body. Experts injected the IL-1-Beta to mice, which led to 'massive systemic inflammation'. It resulted in diseases such as high blood pressure, clogging of white blood cells in the kidney, and thickening of blood. Results showed that caffeine battled against IL-1-Beta, and caused a significant decrease in the body's inflammation.
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